South Korea | Hongik University Street in Hongdae (홍대)

Fun night beyond our expectation. We really didn’t expect to have a lot of fun when we were about to walk our way to Hongik University Street in Hongdae. Before we even escaped the subway at Hongik University Station, we were welcomed by countless people in uniforms. We walked a little more and then we saw a street lined up with restaurants and stores. Continue reading

South Korea |  Explore Insadong (인사동)

Insadong or Insa-dong is one of the tourist destinations that always come up when you search for “Places to See in South Korea“. We didn’t get the chance to see it though when we visited SK last year. Since we had half of the day to spend upon our arrival on our second visit in the country, we decided to start off our trip in this Korean traditional art and shopping district in Seoul. Continue reading

Reminiscin’ My First Time Abroad

It’s been almost 4 months already but I just can’t help myself from missing my first time abroad.  I didn’t know it will feel like this. So tonight, I wanted to share the untold stories we’ve experienced in South Korea, the first country I’ve visited outside my own.Continue reading

South Korea | A Cheap Travel Guide to Seoul, Nami Island and Gapyeong

Annyeonghasseyo! I’m guessing you can’t wait to know more about the places to see, food to eat and how much it will cost you to explore South Korea. That’s  why you clicked on that link and poof! Now you’re reading this. I bet you’ve read too many blogs already or if not yet, you’re on the right page. Keep reading if you want to experience South Korea without spending too much. Here’s my cheap travel guide based from our recent trip to the country  I fell in love with.Continue reading