Backpacking Cebu-Leyte in 4 Days and 4 Nights

It was an ordinary day when we booked our Cebu-Leyte flight almost a year ago. We’ve always been a fan of promo fares and so when we saw that the ticket from Manila to Cebu is only Php 384, we immediately booked it though we didn’t see a promo ticket back to Manila. So what we did was look for other promo fares. We happened to see a ticket from Tacloban to Cebu for only Php 184.12Continue reading

Davao, Philippines | Weekend in Samal Island + Davao City

Sooo after about 24 years and 9 months of my life, I finally did get myself in Mindanao! When I was a kid, I’ve always thought going there is dangerous and impossible but thanks to Facebook, travel blogs and to President Duterte, the late mayor of Davao City, I’ve come to realize otherwise (at least in Davao). With my boyf, I’ve got to spend weekend in Davao City and Samal Island. 

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A Travel Guide to Batanes, Philippines

Batanes is the ultimate dream place of Filipinos. Most, if not all, once dreamt of having to set foot on the beautiful islands of Batanes. Even for foreigners, Batanes had always been one of the popular destinations in the Philippines. So if you happen to be on this page, I guess Batanes is on your list too. Or if not, then you can read on because this might be the chance for you to change your mind, book a flight and experience Batanes with 36 destinations in 5 Days and 4 Nights for as low as Php 8,900+ all-in! Yes you’ve read that right – with AIRFARE!

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