South Korea | Hongik University Street in Hongdae (홍대)

Fun night beyond our expectation. We really didn’t expect to have a lot of fun when we were about to walk our way to Hongik University Street in Hongdae. Before we even escaped the subway at Hongik University Station, we were welcomed by countless people in uniforms. We walked a little more and then we saw a street lined up with restaurants and stores. Continue reading

South Korea | Quick Guide to Vivaldi Park Ski World

Several months ago, we booked a promo flight to South Korea. We’ve been wanting to come back since our first visit last year. This time, we decided to return so I could celebrate my 25th birthday there. At first, we planned to go back for spring so we could catch cherry blossoms but we ended up booking a flight for early March. Thinking of where exactly I should spend it, Jeju Island always pops up first. But then we’ve realized it’s not practical if we’re coming from Incheon Airport. So we did some research and ended up with the idea of spending my birthday in Vivaldi Park Ski World. If you’re reading this now, I’m sure you’re interested to experience skiing too. If I’m right, then here’s a quick guide for you!
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South Korea |  Explore Insadong (인사동)

Insadong or Insa-dong is one of the tourist destinations that always come up when you search for “Places to See in South Korea“. We didn’t get the chance to see it though when we visited SK last year. Since we had half of the day to spend upon our arrival on our second visit in the country, we decided to start off our trip in this Korean traditional art and shopping district in Seoul. Continue reading

South Korea | Food Trip in Incheon China Town

Incheon has long been one of the most developed city in South Korea. More than a century ago, Incheon port was opened for international trading and since South Korea is located near China, chinese goods were imported in and out of the country. This is where Incheon China Town came into place. Today, most of the residents and business owners are the late generations of the early Chinese settlers. And most businesses within the area sells food. So for foodies out there, are you ready?Continue reading

Backpacking Cebu-Leyte in 4 Days and 4 Nights

It was an ordinary day when we booked our Cebu-Leyte flight almost a year ago. We’ve always been a fan of promo fares and so when we saw that the ticket from Manila to Cebu is only Php 384, we immediately booked it though we didn’t see a promo ticket back to Manila. So what we did was look for other promo fares. We happened to see a ticket from Tacloban to Cebu for only Php 184.12Continue reading