My Life Lately 2017 Series: Vol. 1

It seems like it was just yesterday when 2017 started. A month have already passed and I could say it was SO FAR, SO GOOD. For my readers since last year, I am very sorry that it took me a year before I write the next volume of My Life Lately series. I know I promised that I’ll make time to write so I am really in debted to you (and to myself). It’s just really hard to find time to write about anything outside our travels. To be honest, I also find it hard to write about our adventures right after the trip. I love to write, yes. And I have a lot of random thoughts I’d wanted to write but thinking about how much effort I give to a single post, with all the editing of pictures, constructing my sentences to make it fun to read and even proofreading (which I, sometimes, give the job to my boyfriend), I lose the patience. But this year, I’ll try to give more time in blogging because I’ve realized that even though it requires too much effort, I find it fun.Continue reading

My Life Lately 2016 Series: Vol. 1

Happy New Year! How is 2016 going for you so far? Yes! That’s right. Claim it! Claim that you’ve had a good start. I’m sure we will all make wonderful memories as we go along. Chase more adventures. I guess that is at least most of the #goal of people when they wrote down their list, yes?Continue reading