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My Life Lately 2017 Series: Vol. 7

Hello! It’s that time of the month to rush another month-end blog post about how my life had been for the past 31 days. Honestly, nothing much so let me get this really fast. Ready?

My Life Lately 2017 Series: Vol. 6

June. It’s been a while since we last met and now, you’re leaving me again. That was 12 months, June. It’s always like this. Why are you all the same? Can a month be much longer?

My Life Lately 2017 Series: Vol. 5

It’s exactly 11:46 PM tonight and here I am trying to rush another blog post. I just came home from work about an hour ago. And of course, I have to freshen up, talk to to my boyfriend over the phone and pee. It’s the end…

My Life Lately 2017 Series: Vol. 4

Few more hours to go and I am to say another farewell to a month that passed in a jiffy. Imagine me writing this while trying to remember everything that happened since the first day of April.

My Life Lately 2017 Series: Vol. 3

This will be really quick. I hate myself for always writing in a rush but as promised, I’ll share a glimpse of how I lived my daily life for this month that’s about to end.

My Life Lately 2017 Series: Vol. 1

It seems like it was just yesterday when 2017 started. A month have already passed and I could say it was SO FAR, SO GOOD. For my readers since last year, I am very sorry that it took me a year before I write the next…

T&D Adventures 2016

Friday night, day before the last day of the year 2016, I opened my personal laptop. As I browse through my folders, I found almost a thousand video clips. 

Foodie Thoughts Vol. 1

Have you been thinking of food before you sleep or maybe right after eating your lunch, deciding on what to eat for meryenda? We’re on the same boat. I guess it’s really hard for you to control those foodie thoughts because it is hard for me…

Makati, Philippines | Hexagon Lounge

Earlier this month, we had our first team lunch with our supervisor and an onshore network lead. It was friday when we received a meeting invite for a lunch out coming next Monday. So on the day itself, I didn’t have to cook for my lunch…

Reminiscin’ My First Time Abroad

It’s been almost 4 months already but I just can’t help myself from missing my first time abroad.  I didn’t know it will feel like this. So tonight, I wanted to share the untold stories we’ve experienced in South Korea, the first country I’ve visited outside…

My Life Lately 2016 Series: Vol. 1

Happy New Year! How is 2016 going for you so far? Yes! That’s right. Claim it! Claim that you’ve had a good start. I’m sure we will all make wonderful memories as we go along. Chase more adventures. I guess that is at least most of…

T&D Adventures 2015

Ever since we started as a couple, I’ve always loved the idea of documenting our life and travels together. Now, I’d like to share with you a short video that pretty much sums up our 2015 adventures.

Laguna, Philippines | Celebrated My 23rd Birthday in EK

Enchanted Kingdom is always a good idea, besides Paris. You could check their operating hours for 2015 and their rates here. We went there to celebrate my birthday. I was granted a regular day pass free of charge, thanks to their birthday promo. I just presented a government…

Benguet, Philippines | Tara, Baguio!

At dahil uso ngayon ang Baguio, here’s my throwback post to a very sweet place. Taglish tayo ngayon mga inday at dudong ah. Uso kasi ang Baguio dahil sa “That Thing Called Tadhana”, an indie film said to be the most successful in the Philippines in…