South Korea | Food Trip in Incheon China Town

Incheon has long been one of the most developed city in South Korea. More than a century ago, Incheon port was opened for international trading and since South Korea is located near China, chinese goods were imported in and out of the country. This is where Incheon China Town came into place. Today, most of the residents and business owners are the late generations of the early Chinese settlers. And most businesses within the area sells food. So for foodies out there, are you ready?Continue reading

Foodie Thoughts Vol. 1

Have you been thinking of food before you sleep or maybe right after eating your lunch, deciding on what to eat for meryenda? We’re on the same boat. I guess it’s really hard for you to control those foodie thoughts because it is hard for me too!Continue reading

Makati, Philippines | Hexagon Lounge

Earlier this month, we had our first team lunch with our supervisor and an onshore network lead. It was friday when we received a meeting invite for a lunch out coming next Monday. So on the day itself, I didn’t have to cook for my lunch nor spend for the day’s meal. Yipee!Continue reading

South Korea | A Cheap Travel Guide to Seoul, Nami Island and Gapyeong

Annyeonghasseyo! I’m guessing you can’t wait to know more about the places to see, food to eat and how much it will cost you to explore South Korea. That’s  why you clicked on that link and poof! Now you’re reading this. I bet you’ve read too many blogs already or if not yet, you’re on the right page. Keep reading if you want to experience South Korea without spending too much. Here’s my cheap travel guide based from our recent trip to the country  I fell in love with.Continue reading