Danica is a Network Engineer based in Manila, Philippines. She took up a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering and graduated from Mapua University. After passing the board exam, she ventured her career in the world of Information Technology.

She started blogging since late highschool. She kept a personal blog where she writes her thoughts for years but for some reason, she deleted it before she even graduated from college. In the first quarter of 2015, she decided to create another blog to keep her adventures documented. She named it Dear Pilipinas and even bought her own domain. Later that same year, she realized her domain is not quite what she wanted. So she thought of another blog name that would perfectly fit her. Something she can call her own. That’s when DBucketlist was born.

As a child, she had many dreams. One of which was to travel the world. She wanted to be like her father who had already been to almost everywhere in the world. He’s a captain of a ship. Growing up, she didn’t experience having many vacations like any other families would have had. Since her father comes down from working for almost a year onboard ship, all he wanted to do at home was rest. One can finger-count the vacations they’ve had as a family. It’s complicated, actually. The rest is a long story.

Now that she’s already working, she wanted to fulfill all those childhood dreams. Fortunately, she met someone whom she can be with for all the places she wanted to go, adventures she wanted to experience and things she wanted to do.

A gypsy soul trapped in an ordinary girl’s body.

That would be her favorite description for herself. She loves to find herself somewhere she’s never been to yet. Through her blog, she hopes to be an inspiration to anyone who wanted to turn their dreams into reality. She believes that no matter how imperfect life can become, it’s still beautiful.

Join her as she travels the world, one place at a time.

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