If there are five places in the Philippines I wanna go back to everytime I have the chance, it would be Baguio, Batanes, Boracay, Viganand of course — El Nido. With our recent trip to the island known as the world’s best, our imaginary box of memories together were once again filled with wonderful ones. There are a lot of travel guides in the internet you can read by now so I decided to just have a photoblog instead. This way, I’d get to share with you a glimpse of our unforgettable trip to the best island in the world.

The Islands

I pause and think to myself — how far does the ocean goes beyond what my eyes can see?

There seems to be a need for an endless escape of the mind and the soul.

Questions only He can answer.

Wonders only He can understand.

And sometimes, you question everything. Sometimes, you don’t.

That’s the beauty of nature. It leaves you wondering — it leaves you wandering.

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Love & Hope

When I look at you, I see the world.

It’s like an opening to possiblities I never could’ve imagined.

When I thought I was all alone in this world, you came.

Now, I stopped playing the solitary game. Now, I have you to call my name.

Love is indeed something that gives you hope.

Love is something that keeps you going.

Now I know it is indeed true. That you only need one person to save the broken you.

The World in Technicolors

When love comes to your life, everything seems to be better.

A world of fun.

A world of adventures.

A world of friends.

A world in technicolors.

With Love,


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