Tokyo Disney Sea is the only one in the world. That alone makes you want to go right? The only one in the world — now you’re thinking. You might even consider questioning this statement, oh really? Been there, done that. I even googledAre there any other Disney Sea in the world aside from the one in Tokyo? ” Believe me, Google answered me with a yes. Not literally though, ha! But I’ve read a lot of good stuff that makes it one of a kind. And having been there just recently, I could say all other reviews are true. It is definitely the only one of its kind.

What made me decide to visit Tokyo Disney Sea?

First and foremost, I have to say that I’ve never been to any Disney park before. I’ve only seen pictures online. I know, for a 25-year old girl like me, that’s kinda lame. But what can I do? Life seems to be unfair for some of us. But nah, let’s not get into that any further. Right now, I’m just happy to say that I finally had the freedom to travel around places, to live my childhood dreams. And one of them was to visit Disneyland. But when my boss (whom I share my travel plans with because you know, I need his approval for my leaves ha ha) suggested to visit Disney Sea instead of Disneyland in Tokyo, I was swayed by his recommendation. That’s what made us decide to visit Tokyo Disney Sea. Pretty simple. Tee-hee!


The night before our actual visit, I was trying to decide what to wear. Even if I already bought my #OOTD beforehand, I felt like I need to look extra cute for Tokyo Disney Sea. I know you get me. A Disney park is a paradise for those who love to take pictures! But I ended up wearing the pink top and denim skirt I bought few days before our trip to Japan.

When I bought them, I thought it looked good on me. But I felt otherwise when I saw myself in pictures. I looked awkward! So we decided to buy matchy-matchy Mickey and Minnie Mouse headband to blend in with the crowd. I still looked awkward though but nevermind!

Venetian Gondolas

The first attraction we lined up for was Venetian Gondolas. The cheerful gondoliers showed us around Palazzo Canals.

The gondola can fit in 16 persons at most per ride.

The gondolier we went with didn’t utter a single english word when he was touring us around the area. But with every sentence he said, which I assumed was a joke, the 14 strangers with us laughed sincerely. Too bad I don’t speak  Japanese.

It was still a good 12-minute ride, seeing most attractions in Mediterranean Harbor.

Transit Steamer Line

This steamer line will take you from the dock nearest to the entrance of the park all the way to the farthest port of Lost River Delta.

It accomodates 49 persons at most per steamer. The ride takes about 7-10 minutes.

Broadway Music Theatre

After walking around trying to find the next ride we’ll try out, we passed by a ticket booth where it says “Big Band Beat”. I found it interesting so I pulled bae and we got our tickets for the 3:40 PM show.

The Big Band Beat show took place in the Broadway Music Theatre.

Taking pictures is not allowed as soon as the lights start to dim so I won’t be able to share the delightful scenes we’ve watched in the show. But I definitely would advise you to never miss it!

Tower of Terror

The next we tried out was the Tower of Terror. There was a chain of visitors but we still lined up for it because I’m up for some scary doobie doo. Bae was hesitant at first but he had no other choice. Tee-hee! 

I don’t want to spoil the fun for you but lemme give you a hint: IT WAS FUN!

American Waterfront

From the dock in New York port, you’d get to see the American Waterfront with the Tower of Terror visible on your right.

On your left would be the Electric Railway overlooking the harbor of New York City.

Don’t get me wrong though, you’re still in Tokyo! This area in Disney Sea is just themed as the city that never sleeps!

Big City Vehicles

Early 20th century, automobiles replaced the traditional mode of transportation of which carriages are being pulled mostly by horses. Just in front of the American Waterfront, you can find a vehicle stopover. Hop on the whatever comes your way!

Meet Stella Lou!

At first I didn’t realize that the character in the middle is the newest addition to the family of Disney characters until I realized later on that most girls are carrying Stella Lou stuff toys. So again, I googled and poof! I learned that Stella Lou is actually Duffy’s new friend who dreamt of becoming a good dancer one day.

Haven’t heard of Duffy too? He’s Mickey’s huggable teddy bear! What a nice timing to capture all those three characters in one photograph! I just wish I had a photo with them. Maybe next time.

Journey to the Center of the Earth

Ever heard of that novel ‘Journey to the Center of the Earth’? Yes, correct. Disney patterned this attraction after it. Visitors get the chance to travel to the heart of the earth and by the end of the ride, they’ll meet Mt. Prometheus.

Mt. Prometheus

Probably the first thing you’d notice from the main entrance is Mt. Prometheus. It’s basically the main distinction of Disney Sea compared to other Disney parks. 


By 7 o’clock in the evening, people started gathering around Mediterranean Harbor to wait for the Fantasmic show by 8 o’clock. The show starred Mickey Mouse playing the role of a sorcerer’s apprentice.

He creates a fantastic world using his imagination. With the amazing performance of other characters like Aladin, Jasmine, Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs, the show will give you the best memory you can bring with you as you leave Disney Sea at the end of the day.

Sightseeing Tour Around

We didn’t see all attractions in Tokyo Disney Sea so I told myself, we’ll definitely come back. Hopefully, we’ll have our own kids by then so we can enjoy the place with them. The park is so big that we didn’t have enough energy and time to visit every corner but I could say the experience was one of a kind. Here are some more pictures we took. Enjoy!


You might find it hard to buy ticket directly from the official website of Tokyo Disney Sea because they require debit/credit cards with 3-D secure feature for online transactions. As of today, it’s not deployed globally yet so there are only selected banks worldwide who have already implemented this new technology. For your ease, you can choose to buy from Klook. They sell 1-Day and 2-Day passes for only USD 67 (approx. Php 3,200+) and USD 122 (Php 5,900+) respectively.


🚅 Via Train

In Tokyo Station, transfer from Marunouchi Line (Red Line) to either JR Keiyo Line or JR Musashino Line and buy a ticket bound to Maihama Station. Train ride from Tokyo Station to Maihama Station only takes about 15 minutes. Drop off Maihama Station and you’re finally in Tokyo Disney Resort. Take note that from the main entrance, you still have to ride the Disney Train to bring you to Tokyo Disney Sea. 

🚌 Via Bus

There are buses that will take you from Tokyo Station to Tokyo Disney Sea resort directly. You may refer here for the bus schedule and fares.

For other options, you might want to check their official website.

Thank you for reading. I hope you’ll enjoy your day when you get there one of these days.

Make your dreams come true.

With Love,


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