A book is like a drug to a bookworm, book nerd, bibliophile or whatever you call someone who simply loves reading. As one of the millions of readers in this planet, or even billions, I can attest that this claim is accurately true. When we catch a glimpse of bookstores around the corner or even just randomly pass by some small book bazaar, we can’t resist the desire to go check on the titles, read some book summary, buy whatever caught our attention or even just surround ourselves with books. So in our recent Taiwan trip last June, when we were strolling around K Underground Mall in Taipei Main Station, I happen to see Eslite Bookstore and this blog post happened.

Eslite Bookstore is a bookstore chain in Taiwan, one of the largest they say. If we have National Bookstore in the Philippines, Taiwan has Eslite. It was also said to be the largest bookstore that sells English books and other translated reading materials in Taipei. For a foreigner like me, who can’t read chinese characters, this is good news.

Though last March, I bought a book I can’t understand. I mean that literally. When we visited Hanmi Bookstore in South Korea, I did buy a book written in hangul. Unfortunately in Taiwan, my bag was already full. We were only backpacking for a weekend so we didn’t purchase an add-on for check-in baggage. I had my clothes and souvenirs in my backpack arranged in a chaotic way and I don’t want to add more mess to it so I decided not to buy anymore. We just spent time looking around. All I had taken with me are photographs I secretly took.

And guess what, they have a Goblin book too!

Across the bookstore is the Eslite Stationery Store.

It’s basically where one can find school and office supplies.

Surprisingly, one can find coffee and tea bags too!

And some more cute items perfect for souvenirs.

So if you were not able to buy souvenirs during your trip, I suggest you pay a quick visit to Eslite Bookstore and Stationery Store in K Underground Mall near Taipei Main Station before you board the train bound to the Taoyuan International Airport.


Eslite Bookstore Dunnan Branch is open for 24 hours and what makes it more interesting than any bookstores is that it lets its guests read books without the need to buy them. How cool is that? If only I’ve known this before, we should’ve stayed there for the remaining hours on our last day. If you have some time to kill before your flight back to where you’ve been or to your next destination, I suggest you go there and read. Maybe on our next visit to Taiwan, we’d do the same.

Thank you for reading.

With Love,


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