My Life Lately 2017 Series: Vol. 5

It’s exactly 11:46 PM tonight and here I am trying to rush another blog post. I just came home from work about an hour ago. And of course, I have to freshen up, talk to to my boyfriend over the phone and pee. It’s the end of another month and I only have 14 minutes to publish this. So, fast talk?

  • #Reading – Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon, Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle, China Rich Girlfriend by Kevin Kwan
  • #Watching – Sherlock on Netflix, Liar and His Lover, Chicago Typewriter, Introverted Boss, Suspicious Partner, My Secret Romance
  • #Work – uhm? busy! had a month-long upgrade activities and volunteered for events as photographer etc. And pissed off! Not with work but with…
  • #Travel – Boracay to celebrate our 4th anniversary
  • #Blog – Oh right, yes! Finally 90% finished with my South Korea Blog Posts. Yipee!
  • #Body Goals – BLAH

Okay, it’s already 11:59 PM and I’m pretty sure I won’t get to post this by 12 midnight so let me just tell you about why I’m pissed off with… some people at work. Sorry but not sorry, I just have to let this out. This was actually not the first time I encounter people like them but this is the first time I got really pissed off with guys at work to the point that I want to quit! But thanks to some people around me that somehow, I learnt how to JUST IGNORE.

So what really did happen? It started out way back. There was this someone who keeps on asking me questions about almost every task. I was busy that time but I didn’t mind. Then there’s this one question he asked me. It was so simple but of course, if you know me personally, I’m not that type of person to ignore and seenzone you (unless if I know you’re trying to persuade me join your ‘networking’ business ~ no offense). So I answered him. But then, I asked “Sino nagturo niyan sa’yo?“. I asked this just so I’d know if there’s someone who really taught him because in the first place, it’s just a simple task that you still need to ask about it. He’s been working on that specific task for months already that time and I thought to myself, maybe he’s asking me because someone taught him differently. Then I added, “Basta ‘pag may nakalimutan ka, check mo lang ung docu.” And then he didn’t replied. He didn’t even thank me for answering his questions that day. At first I thought, Ah baka ganun lang siya. After all, hindi naman na talaga uso ngayon sa mga tao ang mag-thank you. Days passed and I noticed, he’s not asking me about anything anymore. And those people na palagi rin nagtatanong sa akin stopped asking questions. That’s when I knew something was up.

There are a lot of instances na alam mong nagpaparinig sila. So what I did? Nag-pakaplastik ako nung una. Or rather, I tried makisama. I still joined them for lunch, laughed at their jokes but then nung hindi ko na ma-take ung mga jokes nilang may second meaning, I tried to fight back using quotes like “Spoonfeeding in the long run teaches us nothing but the shape of the spoon.“, “Do not trust anyone, even salt looks like sugar.” BUT they’re not meant to offend them and kasalanan na nila ‘yun kung matamaan sila dba? So guess what, one random day, may pinag-uusapan sila about something and I overheard “…parang ung usapan lang natin sa Daily Quotes chat natin.” At first, I didn’t assume that it was about me. ABA, eh naconfirm ko ngang nag-uusap usap pala talaga sila! About what?About dun sa sinabi kong icheck niya ung docu? ABA EH ang babaw naman! Anyone I’ve asked told me they won’t get offended by that and to think na we’re IT people, you should be aware that our task, aside from the fact that we should be flexible at times, depends greatly on process documents. Bakit, did I ever tell anyone to never ask me again? Bakit sobrang big deal? To think na mas harsh pa nga kayo minsan pero may sinabi ba ako?

Then lately, masyado na ata silang nakakampante mang-bully ng ibang tao. Alam nio ‘ung tipong pag wala ung tao, pag-uusapan na nila. Ung iba oo, joke lang. But most of them, nakakatapak na ng tao eh. May time naman, we had a meeting and someone asked a question. Alam nio sinabi nung isa? “Hindi ka nagbabasa ng e-mail noh.” Then those guys laughed sarcastically. GRABE AS IN NAPAKABASTOS. It was not the first time they did laugh without noticing that people might get hurt. They did the same to me recently. Especially itong batang ito na ubod ng yabang. Imagine, I’m presenting something and everytime I have something to say then pause to look at them, titingin siya dun sa isa tas ngingisi sila. I tried to ignore them at first. Alam nio naman ako, as much as possible, I’ll try to understand. Kahit nga before na ang dami dami kong naririnig sa kanila, I never said anything against them. Never ko silang binastos. And then aun nga, tawa sila ng tawa. I don’t care what you guys are up to pero if you’re professional enough, you should’ve at least controlled yourself. HELLO! SINONG HINDI MAIINIS, HALOS BUONG MEETING KANG NGUMINGISI NGISI. I don’t care if you guys laugh pero wag naman ung parang buong meeting. NAKAKABASTOS EH. He did say sorry saying that he didn’t mean it (via e-mail). He didn’t even tap me on the shoulder to at least personally apologize. Edi ok lang sa akin. Pero guess what, ang plastik niya.

There was one meeting na naman kasi that I facilitated where in inaantok ung isa kong ka-work. Well, that’s normal. So again, I just ignored. But I learned na aba, ginawa pa nilang topic sa pantry! Sabi daw “Nakakatulog nga ako kanina sa meeting nia eh.” something like that. Then sabi daw nung isa, “Buti ndi ka nakita.” Tapos nagtawanan daw sila including that guy who recently said sorry to me. IMAGINE, KUNG TOTOONG NAG-SORRY KA, ALAM MO NAMAN UNG NAFEFEEL KO NA SA INYO AT NAG-OPEN UP AKO NG CONCERN KO, ANO BA NAMAN UNG IKAW NA LANG MISMO UNG MAG-SEGWAY NG “UI, GRABE NAMAN KAYO” or something like that. Eh nakitawa ka pa? Sinong plastik?

Hay! Kaya lately, I preferred to be alone especially sa lunch time. I’m just thankful that meron pa rin namang okay sa team ko ngayon. But at times kasi, I don’t want to pull them to this situation I have kaya I prefer to eat alone nlng. A few times, nakikisabay ako sa ibang team. And guess what, sobrang iba ung feeling nung usapan nila. Ung tipong light conversation lang hindi katulad ng vibes ‘pag sila ung kasama ko.

If you guys are reading this, I hope you’d grow some balls. Yes, I mean that. You’re in the corporate world pero ganyan ung inaasal ninyo. Only shows you guys aren’t professional enough. Some would ask if I did open up to them. Yes, to him na sobrang naiinis ako. But look how he dealt with it? Knowing them, they’ll just make things worst for me. So right now, I chose to ignore. Sabi nga ng boss ko, “Don’t let them be a hindrance to the successful person I can see you can become.” Yes, I did told him my concern not to make sumbong but to open up kasi nakakaapekto na siya sa work ko and I needed a professional advice. Everyday kasi, tinatamad na ako mag-work kasi alam nio ‘yun, hindi na ako motivated.

But I’ve realized nga, sino ba sila? They’re not even the ones paying me. And sabi nga ni boyfie, kahit saan naman na company meron at meron ka talagang mameemeet na ganyan. So for now, I’d try my best to focus on my goals. Resigning anytime soon? NOPE. Just realized, hindi ako magpapatalo sa kanila. AJA!

P.S. Sorry for the very long rant. I just needed an outlet. And please don’t take this against my company. Everything in C is good except for them. Hahaha. So if those guys happen to read this, I don’t really care. Sana matauhan kayo at some point kasi character nio yan eh, kayo din ang magdadala nian pag-tagal. For my readers who happen to read about this, secret lang natin ah? Wag nio na i-share. Thank you. And sorry about the featured image. I didn’t have the time to edit pics. Pero mej sakto naman sya sa feels ko today, I feel like I’m floatin’. Tee-hee!

Time-check: 1:28 AM. In fairness, I feel light na after writing about it. Sometimes, we just really need to let it out. I tried telling some people about what I feel but iba pa rin pala talaga ‘pag sarili mo na ‘yung kausap mo. And guys, wag nio silang gayahin please! Please be sensitive enough to all the people around you.

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. – Winston Churchill

Until the next volume.

With Love,


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