When looking for a place to stay, the first thing we consider most of the time, if not always, is location. First, it must be near the places we plan to visit or maybe just near subway stations or merely any public transportation. Secondly, it should be cozy, clean and safe. And last but not the least, the cost should be reasonable. If you’re going to have a trip to South Korea and you’re looking for a hostel in Myeongdong, Seoul, you might want to consider booking with Zaza Backpackers.


First of all, this is not a sponsored post. This is just my personal review of the hostel and I’ll be honest 100%. So here are some reasons I came up with to help you in deciding why you should book with Zaza Backpackers.

1. It is near Myeongdong Station.

I’ve mentioned earlier that the first thing we consider, most of the time, when looking for a place to stay is location. Having a nearby subway station is a big plus for us. What more if it’s Myeongdong Station! Almost every tourist destination can be reached from Myeongdong Station in a jiffy. And to add, if it’s your first time in South Korea, I’d definitely recommend Zaza Backpackers because I know almost every tourist includes N Seoul Tower in their itinerary which is just a 15 minutes walk from Zaza! But of course, that excludes the hiking time or the cable-car ride. Nevertheless, it’s still within the area.

2. Room security is good.

Let’s admit it. We don’t trust people to the extent that we will leave our belongings in a place where anyone can just easily grab them. Even if it’s in South Korea, where I know people generally won’t steal things, it’s still very hard for us to be in a dorm together with other backpackers. Especially in a foreign country where you rely mostly on your exchanged money and passport, we don’t consider booking a bedspace just to save money. So if you want to have your own room with a good security system but doesn’t cost much, I’ll assure you Zaza Backpackers got ya back.

3. Room is cozy and clean.

If you’re watching Korean Dramas, you’ll notice that most of the rooms of the not-so-rich protagonist are small but cozy. This was the initial description I had in mind when we saw our room. It feels like I’m living a Kdrama life. The room is cozy with just enough space for the bed, clothes and your bag. But even though the room is small, you won’t feel suffocated because the room is clean that you can even smell fresh scents of the bedsheets.

4. Room includes washing machine, microwave oven and refrigerator.

Hotel rooms usually have refrigerator and microwave oven but it was our first time to see a room with a washing machine installed inside it. Though we didn’t have the time to use them, it’s actually something nice for tourists who have more than a week of stay. Imagine the space you will save in your luggage if you can just do your laundry when the time permits. I know most of the girls always have lots of packed clothes for #OOTDs. If you can just wash them, mix and match them with your other clothes, then you’ll save more space for your pasalubongs.

5. They have a lounge where guests can stay until midnight with free Wi-Fi.

This is something unique for a hostel to have. Having some place where you can relax and interact with other travelers is something that you should consider as well. Their lounge have enough space to accommodate at least 10-15 persons altogether. Isn’t it great to meet new people and even new friends? And of course, I know you’d ask if there’s a free Wi-Fi. So YES, there is indeed a free wi-fi. Though the catch is you have to be there in the lounge ‘coz the signal won’t reach the rooms especially if you’re in the upper floors.

6. The shower have heater in place.

If there’s one last thing you should consider when looking for an accomodation for your next South Korea trip, it is the availability of heater in the bathroom. This is one important thing you should ask or research about especially during winter. You don’t want to take a bath using unheated water with temperature of almost 2-5 °C!

The only thing I didn’t like about Zaza Backpackers is the absence of elevator that you need to go up and down by foot. If you don’t mind that, then good. If I’m not mistaken, the building is only up to the fifth floor. For more information you can visit their website here.


From Myeongdong Subway Station, take Exit 3. Walk towards Namsan Park or N Seoul Tower. In about a minute or two, you’ll see that the street splits into two. Take the left street and walk straight for less than 5 minutes and you’ll see Zaza Backpackers on your left.

LOCATION: Toegye-ro 20-gil, Namsandong, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea (Near Myeongdong Station)

NEARBY POINT OF INTERESTS: Two Two Chicken, A Twosome Place, Namsan Park, N Seoul Tower

Thank you for reading.

P.S. Leave no trace but memories.

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