Incheon, South Korea | Hanmi Secondhand Bookstore in Baedari as seen in Korean Drama: Goblin

I’m sure you’ve heard about the 2016 Korean Drama Goblin one way or another. I bet you’ve watched it once or twice already if you’re a loyal fan of the one and only coffee prince, Gong Yoo. Even one of my favorite actress, Anne Curtis, have watched it already and have been fangirling after being hooked by the charm of the story. So when we visited South Korea last March, we thought, why don’t we visit one of Goblin’s shooting locations? Since we’ve planned out to have Incheon on our second day, we decided to visit Hanmi Secondhand Bookstore in Baedari, Incheon.

We really didn’t know where exactly it was at first. We just know it’s somewhere in Baedari. We were just walking along unknown streets of Incheon with only a map in hand, trying to trust our instincts. When we finally got there, we were not surprised that there were few tourists around because of its location. If you’re not a die-hard fan of Goblin, I suggest that you stop reading here. But if you are, then good! Let’s fangirl together. Tee-hee!


It’s a small bookstore if you’re curious.

They sell secondhand books mostly in Korean and a few selections in english and other languages.

They sell a Goblin book or whatever it’s called. Oh God…I wanna learn how to read hangul.

And you’d see signed decors by the Goblin artists as well.

Okay, I assumed those were written by them. Hahaha. Anyone who can read them? Feel free to comment below!


This experience made my feels skipped out of my heart. Imagine me fangirling! Soooo let me share with you some of the parody shots we took. This might look corny but who cares? Tee-hee!

Remember that scene where Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) was in the bookstore trying to look for a book so when Eun Tak happens to summon him, he will look smart while holding a book?

Ha! Imagine that face when she finally called for him (even if it’s only by accident).


Hanmi Bookstore is located between Dongincheon Station or Dowon Station. You have the option to get off either of these two stations and walk for about 10-15 minutes to reach Hanmi Bookstore.

If you’re coming from Incheon China Town, you might want to follow our walking map. Oops, please excuse my drawing though! Tee-hee!

But before you decide on following our footpath, let me just tell you that it will be a long and tiring walk. So if you don’t mind that, then here we go. From Incheon China Town, walk your way to Fairy Tale Village and/or Jayu Park. Then from Jayu Park, find your way to Dong-Incheon Samchi Street. Once you’re within the vicinity of the inner Incheon streets, you’d be surprise that you will only find few foreign tourists around or none at all. For us, that’s okay because it made me feel like we’re one of the locals! Tee-hee!

Anyway, once you’re out the Incheon alleys, you must cross a highway. Don’t worry, they have pedestrian lane so you’re safe.

After crossing the highway, walk about a kilometer or two and you’ll see a subway.

Go down, cross the other side, walk for another 5 minutes and voila, you’re finally there.

You see, it’s really a long walk. It took us almost about 30 minutes (excluding lunch) to walk from Jayu Park to Hanmi Bookstore. But when we finally arrived, the feeling was really incomparable. Ughhhmazing!

I suggest you download the Korea Tour app. It has an offline map, subway and bus guide and other tourist info.

Thank you for reading.

P.S. Leave no trace but memories.

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