Few more hours to go and I am to say another farewell to a month that passed in a jiffy. Imagine me writing this while trying to remember everything that happened since the first day of April. I kinda look like I’m counting the stains on the ceiling in my parent’s room. Yes, I’ve been sleeping here at random nights when I feel scared to sleep in my room. I am going to say this for the first time online and I hope I won’t get judged or laughed at but for several months now, I’ve been sleeping with the lights on. I can’t sleep alone in my room if I turn off the lights. I know it’s childish but I keep hearing random sounds and it makes me paranoid. I already tried to buy a lamp that I clipped on the headboard of my bed so I can start to sleep with only that to keep me safe from my paranoia. I was quite successful for 3 consecutive nights but then I started hearing them again. Don’t ask.

So anyway, that’s why I’m here now trying to fit myself in the 5-foot-long sofa bed, dangling my toes while trying to think of the next sentence to write. A lot happened but I’m not sure if I can tell them all before today ends. So let me just give you short snippets like what I used to do in the previous volumes. Here it goes!

  • #TravelBaguio with family and TJ. Laguna and Subic with my TJ alone. Not much chance really to wear swimsuit on the beach with my shades on. And half of summer is already gone! We really didn’t have any plans for April because I thought my upgrades (at work) will be scheduled on weekends. But they weren’t so we just had spontaneous trips nearby Manila.
  • #Blog – Now that we’re at it, I have many backlogs on my blog. Currently, I have at least 20 pending posts waiting to be drafted. Not that I don’t have time because I believe that we can always make time for something but this month at work was busy. So every after the clock strikes 5 in the afternoon, I prefer to rest. So sorry that I haven’t met my promise last month to finish my Korea blog posts. πŸ™
  • #Watching – Finished Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. It’s a good feel kdrama with a little suspense. Started watching The Liar and His Lover as well, as usual, still korean. Hahaha. But hey, I watched 13 Reasons Why! That’s something fresh after several months watching kdrama. Tee-hee!
  • #Listening – Random songs from Spotify Top Hits – Philippines
  • #Reading – Two weeks ago, I tried to get back to my friday night habit where in I try not to browse my social media feeds and read a book instead. Started reading The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling and Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle.
  • #Work – I’m a busy bee. Huhu. I have a lot to do on my everyday to-do list at work and often times, I don’t finish all items as planned that I need to copy-paste them to the next day.

That’s it for tonight. As always, I’ve been thankful to everyone trying to read my blog posts. This is my way of trying to reach out to my loyal readers. You’re few but numbers don’t matter to me. I actually preferred to stay low-key. So still, thank you.

With Love,


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  1. I would say that you must prioritize your tasks else you will be bogged down in meaningless tasks. It is not easy to decide which task is more important than others. But sometimes it is not a bad idea to simply lie down and do nothing.

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