Fun night beyond our expectation. We really didn’t expect to have a lot of fun when we were about to walk our way to Hongik University Street in Hongdae. Before we even escaped the subway at Hongik University Station, we were welcomed by countless people in uniforms. We walked a little more and then we saw a street lined up with restaurants and stores. 

After a few turns, we finally saw a long stretched lit street with a landscape of people in black, brown and some other random color of coats.

But unlike in Myeongdong where people keep walking past you, the people we saw in Hongik University Street gather in big groups. And most of them are teenagers. They were watching people of the same age dance, sing and rap.

It felt like we were in a youth festival. Everyone was fun to watch!

One of them even saw me taking pictures and pose for a selca!

If you’re up for some local entertainment in Seoul, you might want to include Hongdae in your plans and schedule it at night. I’m just not sure if they held it every night but for your reference, we went on a Saturday.

Before we head home, we had korean cheesy spicy chicken and beer in one of the local pubs to feel the spirit of nightlife in Seoul.


Ride Subway Line 2. Alight in Hongik University Station and head on to either Exit 8 or 9.

Thank you for reading.

P.S. Leave no trace but memories.

With Love,


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