Several months ago, we booked a promo flight to South Korea. We’ve been wanting to come back since our first visit last year. This time, we decided to return so I could celebrate my 25th birthday there. At first, we planned to go back for spring so we could catch cherry blossoms but we ended up booking a flight for early March. Thinking of where exactly I should spend it, Jeju Island always pops up first. But then we’ve realized it’s not practical if we’re coming from Incheon Airport. So we did some research and ended up with the idea of spending my birthday in Vivaldi Park Ski World. If you’re reading this now, I’m sure you’re interested to experience skiing too. If I’m right, then here’s a quick guide for you!


Vivaldi Park Ski World is the nearest ski park in Seoul. Having said that, it has been named as the most visited ski resort in the country.

They can accomodate 20,000 visitors at most in a busy day.

There are 12 slopes in total and they cater all levels from beginners to experts.

Ballads, The Beginner’s Slope

Since we have zero knowledge, we have no choice but to be in the Ballads.

Please don’t judge us! After all, it’s our first time. Tee-hee!

The slope is about 9˚ max. It is 480 m long and 150 m wide so there’s really a lot of room for first-timers.

If you want to know more about the different slopes, you can check their website.


Once you’ve decided to include this in your itinerary, then you need to at least have an idea what to do when you get there. Honestly, instructions printed in their brochure are a bit confusing so you might want to bookmark this for your ease.

1. Get voucher and clothing coupon from tour guide.

For foreign tourists, vouchers and clothing coupons will be provided by the Bus Tour Guide (more on the latter part of this post).

There are different packages you can choose from. Please check their website for more details. But basically, you can choose between skiing or snowboarding. You can pay directly to the tour guide once you’ve decided what package you will avail. If you’re Korean, I guess you can go directly to the Ski Main Center.

2. Get ski pass and gear rental ticket.

After processing your payment, proceed to the ticket box window.

Show your voucher and passport. Get your ski pass and gear rental ticket. You will be asked to deposit KRW 2,000 (approx. Php 80) which is refundable after you return the ski pass.

3. Get your ski suit.

You can actually get your ski suit before or after you get your ski pass and gear rental. Your choice. Proceed to Ski World Sports Shop. Show your clothing coupon to the staff. You will be provided with the ski suit (ski gloves not included). They’ll ask you to write your name in a log book. So when you return the ski suit after use, you’ll be asked to log out.

4. Wear ski suit.

There are separate dressing rooms for women and men, of course. I suggest you wear your ski suit first before you get the gears.

5. Fill out the gear rental ticket.

Write down all your information (Name/Height/Boots Size/Contact Number) in the gear rental ticket.

6. Get your gears.

If you choose skiing, you will be provided with skis, ski boots, and ski poles. If you choose snowboarding, you will be provided with the snowboard and snowboard boots. Don’t worry if the ski boots provided doesn’t fit you. You may ask them for another size.

7. Submit your passport and Part B of gear rental ticket.

Your gear rental ticket contains two parts – A and B. You need to submit Part B together with your passport here:

Keep Part A because you need that to get your passport back upon return of gears after use.

8. Keep your things in the locker.

There are lockers available for use. It’s just that, you have to pay. Don’t worry, it’s not that pricey.

You can either choose a small locker for only KRW 500 (approx. Php 20) or a big locker for KRW 1,000 (approx. Php 40). But do take note that you can only lock and open it once. Or else you have to pay again. So make sure you’ve got everything you need before you lock it.

9. Go have fun!

Once everything is settled down, you may directly proceed in the ski park. You have the freedom to choose what slope you’re going to take but make sure to know yourself. If it will be your first time ever, then go for the beginner’s slope.

If you think you’re ready for the next level, then you can go ride the lift to bring you to the top of the slope you’ve chosen. It’s up to you, really. Just don’t leave your presence of mind behind. And don’t forget to have fun!

10. Return your ski suit and your gears.

If you’re done, you may return your ski suit and gears in the respective areas where you got them. Don’t forget to get your passport and your KRW 2,000 deposit back!


For foreign tourists, there’s a free shuttle bus service offered by the resort to bring you either from Hongdae or Myeongdong to Vivaldi Park. Take note that reservation must be made at least 3 days before your traveling date.

Meeting place in Hongdae: Shandong Building Meeting place in Myeongdong: Lotte Hotel 

Please verify time in the confirmation e-mail you will receive.


Returning from Vivaldi Park to Hongdae/Myeongdong is still free. From the e-mail we received, the bus return time was 8PM but the bus tour guide said we have to be in the shuttle stop in Vivaldi by 6PM. So make sure to be there as advised or better yet be earlier by at least 30 minutes.


  • If you’ve decided to include this in your itinerary, I recommend that you have it either on your last day or the day before your last day in South Korea. That’s because skiing is no joke. Believe me when I say it’s like you’ve worked out 20 leg routines in a day!
  • Always keep your balance. If you’re about to lose control, don’t panic.
  • Ski professionals said it’s better to wait for your speed to decrease than decide to fall down. But if in case you can’t resist falling, I recommend you to fall sideways. This is to prevent your ski from breaking or from breaking your legs. Oops! Yes, that might happen so BE EXTRA CAREFUL. If possible, watch youtube videos on how to stop so you’d have an idea.
  • Wear comfortable clothes. For girls, I suggest you wear leggings not maong. For boys, well hmmm ~ if you have leggings then why not? Haha. Kidding aside, just make sure you’re comfortable as skiing requires a lot of leg movements.
  • Bring your own gloves as the cheapest ski gloves being sold in Vivaldi Park is about KRW 15,000 (approx. Php 600).
  • Don’t bring too much things. Their biggest locker can only keep two coats, two shoes and two small bags. Anything you think is bigger or requires more volume than those, leave it in your hotel/hostels.
  • There’s a food court in the Ski Main Center so you don’t need to worry about food.


If you’re still having second thoughts, let me give you another reason why you should go to Vivaldi Park Ski World. Did you know that some of the scenes in Legend of the Blue Sea were shot in Vivaldi? Well then if you’re a KDrama fan, you should include this in your itinerary!

Thank you for reading.

P.S. Leave no trace but memories.

With Love,


8 thoughts on “South Korea | Quick Guide to Vivaldi Park Ski World”

  1. wow! I really wanted to try skiing and this pretty fun. I checked their site and Php 4,000 doesn’t sound bad for a complete package.

  2. Aawww! That must be freezing cold. I think i cannot stand the cold environment here. My brains will freeze! Kidding aside, when i was a little kid i would always fancy skiing… looks like a great experience sliding and playing on the snow. I hope someday il be able to do so. My kids will surely live this!

  3. Can you share how much you got the clothing/gear coupons for? We’re also planning to visit Vivaldi on our trip to Seoul this year.

    1. Hi, Anne.

      Thanks for dropping by. The clothing/gear coupons are already included in the package you’ll choose. 🙂

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