This will be really quick. I hate myself for always writing in a rush but as promised, I’ll share a glimpse of how I lived my daily life for this month that’s about to end.

So let me start by sharing with you that tonight, I just persuaded my parents to join us for a trip tomorrow! Actually, it was Papa who suggested the idea a week ago but tonight, I needed to sway them over. Papa’s always like that. For almost a year onboard ship, he just want to rest at home whenever he’s on vacation. Even though he say things he wanted-slash-needed to do, he always end up either playing on his laptop, watching tv or sleeping. I can’t blame him because I know he’s been really tired working for almost a year with minimal rest. He’s a captain. So you get the point.

Anyway, I don’t know what to expect this weekend. It will be our first time traveling together with my boyfriend. I feel excited and worried at the same time. I’ve always been dreaming of a roadtrip with them, us ~ all together. But deep inside, I feel worried it will end up awkward. I hope not. We’re not that kind of family who spends a lot of time together. But I hope through this, we can start anew.

Okay, I thought this will be really short but nevermind. Let me now share with you what I’ve been up to this March.

  • #TravelToSouth Korea! I guess if you’re following me on instagram, you may have been annoyed at one point in time because I’ve been posting pictures of our trip for almost 4 weeks now hahaha! So sorry! We just took so many photographs and I want to keep them there. Pagbigyan nyo na ako, birth month ko naman! Tee-hee!
  • #ReadingThe Falling Game and Game Over by Aly Almario. Okay, I might sound highschool-ish but kinikilig ako sa story that I’ve finished them both in just a week. Hahaha! If you know me, that would really be fast. Kasi I’m that kind of reader who keeps on buying books, read a few chapter and don’t finish them agad agad. I just feel good buying them even if I really don’t have time to read them all at once.  If there’s a word that would describe it, it’s Tsundoku.
  • #Watching – #KDRAMAs. KINAIN NA AKO NG SISTEMA. HAHAHA. So this month, I’ve finished watching Drinking Solo. Started watching Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon. Can’t wait to watch the next episode kasi umamin na si CEO Ahn kay Bong-Soon. Omaygash! Watched Beauty and the Beast din this month and idk why it made me try to play my violin again. I need a new bow and rosin!
  • #Listening – I’ve been playing That’s What I Like by Bruno Mars on repeat whenever I do my workouts and Beautiful and I Miss You when I feel like I need to relax or get in the mood to work.
  • #Work – I got a good rating for the past performance year that should be enough for me to say “I’m good where I am now.” but I don’t know why I always ask myself “Should I quit?”. There are a lot of opportunities that I have to say NO to just because I want to stay at a company for at least 3 years this time. I actually wanted to be in a company where I won’t even have to resign again. For now, I want to focus on my goals.
  • #Goals – Speaking of goals ~ I haven’t started my review plans for the certification I planned to take this March so I guess it would be April then but thinking of all the things I need to do (including the blog posts I plan to write), I think I won’t make it by April as well. So let’s see! And for my #BodyGoals, well… Uhmmm… Can I skip this? Hahahaha! Let’s just say, it’s a WORK IN PROGRESS. Tee-hee!
  • #Eats – Uhmmmm a lot haha! Oops! Didn’t I say I’m on a no-rice diet last last month? I guess, I cheated a lot again this month. Huhuhu. I can’t help but eat what I crave for. Especially now that we bought almost 1-year supply of chocolates! Huhuhu! Need to control!

So it’s almost midnight and I still need to pack my bag for tomorrow. I guess I must end this for now and let me thank you for taking your precious time to read my thoughts for tonight.

With Love,


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