Heya! As promised, here’s my life log for the month of February.

  • #ReadingLucid Dream by Aly Almario – I saw this book once in National Bookstore and when I saw it in Wattpad, I tried to read the first chapter, then the next and the next. Kinilig ako so I decided to read the whole story. Tee-hee!
  • #Listening: Malaya by Moira Dela Torre (Camp Sawi OST) – I came across this song in Spotify and then I can’t stop listening to it. I’m not brokenhearted but whenever I hear this song, it breaks my heart. Feels!
  • #Watching: Shopping King Louie, Tomorrow With You, Drinking Solo and guess what ~ Boys Over Flowers! Hahahaha! Old school!
  • #Goals: Okay, last month I mentioned that I was on a No-Rice diet right? Sad to say, I cheated. A LOT. Huhuhu! It’s kinda hard to eat lechon without rice. That night in Cebu was where it all started. Then when I craved for something that I normally eat before like McDo’s Chicken + Rice + Fries or Jollibee’s Chicken + Spag or DQ’s Blizzard, I can’t resist them. So to compensate all those carbs, I committed myself to a 30-Days Challenge: Toning Excercises for Butt, Arms and Abs (aside from gym workouts). I’ll let you know if it’s effective!
  • #Work: I guess for the most part this month, I found myself finishing my tasks on the first half of the day and doing something else in the afternoon. It was a damn boring month. I tried to study for the certification I plan to take next month but each time I start, I can’t get myself to continue. I guess I’m just not in the mood yet. I hope no one from the office would read this or else ~ Yari ako! Hahaha!
  • #Travel: We went for a backpacking trip to Cebu-Leyte on the first week of the month. Hope you’d go check out my blog post!
  • #ValentinesDay: We spent V-Day in Little Tokyo, Makati to eat unli wagyu!!! I’ll write about it maybe after our South Korea Trip or maybe a little after that.

28 days and just like that… it’s already March! My birth month! We’ll be in South Korea this coming Friday and I’m soooo excited to see the country I fell in love with, again.

So that’s it! Let’s all say Goodbye to February and Hello to March.

Until the next volume.

With Love,


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