My Life Lately 2017 Series: Vol. 1

It seems like it was just yesterday when 2017 started. A month have already passed and I could say it was SO FAR, SO GOOD. For my readers since last year, I am very sorry that it took me a year before I write the next volume of My Life Lately series. I know I promised that I’ll make time to write so I am really in debted to you (and to myself). It’s just really hard to find time to write about anything outside our travels. To be honest, I also find it hard to write about our adventures right after the trip. I love to write, yes. And I have a lot of random thoughts I’d wanted to write but thinking about how much effort I give to a single post, with all the editing of pictures, constructing my sentences to make it fun to read and even proofreading (which I, sometimes, give the job to my boyfriend), I lose the patience. But this year, I’ll try to give more time in blogging because I’ve realized that even though it requires too much effort, I find it fun.

So this year, apart from the travel and food posts, I commit myself in writing at least once a month about my life just so you know what I’ve been doing with it. That is if you’re interested and I hope you are because I’d so wanted to be friends with my readers. And to start, here are the things that kept me busy for the first month of the year.

  • #Reading – Are you smart enough to work at Google? by William Poundstone. Good book especially for someone whose dream company is Google. It’s about how top companies do their interviews, with questions, answers and a twist. I bought this book as a gift to myself last Christmas. When I saw it in the bookstore, I immediately grabbed it just in case I have another chance to be interviewed by Google. Yes, another! Not to brag about it but I am so proud to have been interviewed by a Googler out of thousands and thousands who applied. Though unfortunately, I didn’t pass the interview. Just writing about it now, I think I should have a separate blog post for that. Let’s see!
  • #Watching – Korean Dramas. Just this January, I finished Legend of the Blue Sea, Goblin and Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo. I guess by now you get the hint why it’s hard for me to find time to write a single blog post. Tee-hee!
  • #Listening – I think for the most part, I’ve been listening a lot to Bruno Mar’s Versace on the Floor. Then when I googled it, I just realized it’s rated x sooo I listened to it more. Hahaha!
  • #Writing – Wrote about our staycation in Estancia and our day tour trip to Las Casas Filipinas. Check it out if you still haven’t!
  • #Eats – Okay thisss is what I am excited to tell you about. Did you know that as of today, I am into the 9th day of my No Rice diet! I can’t believe I survived it this long. Though I still eat ice cream, cakes and frappes from time to time but at least I disciplined myself to eat less!
  • #Goals – Aside from cutting rice, I enrolled myself in a gym! Let’s see where this will take me. Hahaha!
  • #Work – Okay. To be honest, I’m starting to get bored at work. Sometimes, I just go to work to finish what I need to do. I am somehow tired of giving the extra effort I always do before because of some factors which I think I can write about in another post. Though we’re not allowed to write about what we do in details, I think I could share with you a glimpse of my every day life at work. For now, I’d like to say, I’m still continuing to further my technical skills by self-learning. Hopefully, by the end of March or April, I’d pass another certification I plan to take. Cross fingers!

And before I end my post for tonight, I just want to share that I also imposed a challenge to myself to take daily photographs of my every day life. I called it #DailySnapsChallenge2017. I came up with the idea when I read about someone who recorded his daily life for about 18 years or so. Cool right? So I also wanted to do the same. Hopefully, I get to finish it until the end of the year. Though I have to admit that I already skipped some days so maybe I’ll just start again this February.

So that’s about it my friends. Hopefully, you’d get to know me more through this. Should you have anything to ask or say to me, don’t hesitate to comment below or tweet me. Guys, I don’t bite. I just look like I am going to! Hahaha.

Until the next volume.

With Love,



  • Berlin

    February 7, 2017

    Enjoy your 2017 reading, writing, eating, and more. And it really feels good if we are in control of our decisions and everything seems going smoothly. I wish you success in your endeavors and hoping to read more of your travel stories online.

    • danicagilbuena

      February 8, 2017

      Thank you, Mommy Berlin! Same here, wish you the best for this year!


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