T&D Adventures 2016

Friday night, day before the last day of the year 2016, I opened my personal laptop. As I browse through my folders, I found almost a thousand video clips. I planned to make a travel video for our 2016 adventures since Day 1 so every time we go somewhere, I take videos. And since I have nothing else to do that night,  I tried to watch randomly, trying to pick the best of each of the places we’ve been to but I end up using the videos I have on my phone. I know. I AM SO LAZY.

I have so many video clips that I missed to add on this video but most likely, it shows our 2016 adventures in a nutshell.

We’ve been to a lot this year. About 18 travel destinations to be exact.

Though we’ve only been to one country outside our own (South Korea), it was indeed the best memory I have for the year that have passed for it was my first time to travel abroad.

Hopefully by this year, we’d get to travel to more destinations than we’ve had last year. Though it will be hard for us to do that because of our busy schedules at work, we will try to use every vacation leaves and long weekends we have.

Until our next video!

With Love,



  • Berlin

    January 7, 2017

    Traveling is definitely more fun with loved ones in tow. I hope to spend more time traveling with my boys. They are growing real fast and time will come they will prefer to be with friends than their family. Here’s to wishing both of us more destinations in 2017.

    • danicagilbuena

      January 8, 2017

      That’s the sad truth. But who knows when you start travelling with them, they might be otherwise. 🙂


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