Have you been thinking of food before you sleep or maybe right after eating your lunch, deciding on what to eat for meryenda? We’re on the same boat. I guess it’s really hard for you to control those foodie thoughts because it is hard for me too!

So tonight, I’ve decided to start a series on my blog dedicated to those late night cravings, foodie middle-daydreams and yummy eats. As for the first volume, I just wanna share some of the foodie snaps I’ve taken since the last 10 months of this year.

If I am to reminisce those foodie thoughts I’ve had, I’d like to say I have repeatitive cravings for crispy pata, lechon, sisig, fried chicken, ribs, beef pepper rice, burrito, pizza, buko shake, fries, ice cream, donuts and probably crab (which I haven’t eaten yet for this year – just crab sticks). Ughh makes me daydream about it as of writing this!

I also just wanna share that for about 4 months this year, when my father stayed for a vacation after his work onboard ship, I was able to check-off one of my personal bucketlist. And that is to learn how to cook! Okay, shame on me that it took me 24 years before I started cooking good food. When I say good food, I mean real food. Before, I only know how to cook hotdogs, pancit cantons, canned goods and everything instant. Now, I can cook lemon-buttered chicken, lechon kawali, inihaw na liempo, sinigang, beef tapa, pinalamanan at inihaw na tilapia, pritong bangus etc.

So happy that I’ve got the chance to cook for my father ~ breakfast and dinner (even if I had to sacrifice my working days with a few lates). Tee-hee! 😊

Until the next volume.
With love,

Danica ✶

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