It’s been almost 4 months already but I just can’t help myself from missing my first time abroad.  I didn’t know it will feel like this. So tonight, I wanted to share the untold stories we’ve experienced in South Korea, the first country I’ve visited outside my own.


Koreans are basically honest people.

It was in Bukchon Village that we met a fellow Filipino couple. They shared a story with us that made me conclude that majority of Koreans are honest people.


While chatting over hotteok, Ms. Arlene ~ the wife, opened up with us about their unforgettable experience in Korea. On their first day, she told us she lost her wallet. ALL THEIR MONEY WAS THERE. AND THEY WERE IN A FOREIGN LAND. If I were her, I’d panic 101%. But guess what? They found it in a police station, untouched. Not even a hundred won was lost. If it happened in the Philippines, she said, they won’t even bother to find it since we know ourselves. We know Manila. Sad, but true.

There are homeless people in Korea.

This, I didn’t know. In the subway, we saw at least three old homeless people. They wore layers of clothes, yes, because it’s freezing cold that time but I could identify that they were homeless. Unlike in the Philippines, they are not begging you to give them something. They just sit in one corner, with bowed-down  heads, and I guess waiting for passerby to hand down few coins. It broke my heart to see them like that, knowing they are already old. So in the last day of our vacation, we decided to give something edible. I hope if you happen to see them as well, don’t hesitate to give food.

Don’t panic when an old man in a train station approach you.

It was a very cold night when we met an old Korean in the ITX station. It has been a very tiring day and we were kind of confused which way to go.


Hugging ourselves to fight off the chilly wind, we stride our way to the waiting cube when suddenly an old man approached us. Having the impression that Koreans are good people, we didn’t panic. But honestly, when he was saying things I could not understand, I was kind of edgy. “Where u from?” “Philippines” “Oh hgebnsuu hvbend” (uhm I honestly can’t understand him that moment) Good thing my boyfriend has a very keen ear and heard him say “Oh I have a Filipino friend.” “Really?” “Hainu shuyeaab” (Okay, but not that keen) “Where to Seoul?” “Here. Here.” And to cut it short, HE HUGGED US. *cries* Here’s our selfie with him. Thank you, Mister.

I feel pretty in Korea ❤️

And last but definitely not the least, I feel pretty in Korea! Why? First, locals keep looking at us. Looking at me! Hahaha. No joke!    At first I thought it’s because we’re foreigners for them. But hey guess what, when we were walking in the subway, an Unnie (an old female – to females) / Noona (an old female – to males) stopped us just to tell me “You have a beautiful face” See? See? Hahaha. I won’t even hear that in my own country. This is actually one of the reasons why I fell in love with that place. Tee-hee!


Memories are the best souvenirs you can bring with you.

Those are just a handful of the many stories I have kept with me on my first time abroad. It was definitely one of the best experiences I’ve had as a traveller. To be somewhere foreign is not easy but undoubtedly unforgettable. As of ending this post, I am once again dreaming to come back there and make more memories.

Naega dangsin-eul dasi bol ttaekkaji, Korea.

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With love,

Danica ✶

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