A month ago, my boyfriend and I spent our 3rd year anniversary in Legazpi, Albay. We have no itinerary prepared. We wanted our trip to be spontaneous. After about 14 hours of land travel, we finally reached the city known for its renowned perfect cone volcano we can call Mayon.

We stayed in The Oriental Hotel, a 10 minutes tricycle ride from the city proper. A week before our planned vacation, I thought we’ve checked in at a different backpacker’s inn. But when we were about to arrive in Legazpi, my boyfriend confessed that he booked in a different hotel. To my surprise, I followed him as we rode a trike to The Oriental.

Upon arrival, I was in awe as one can see the whole city from this hotel.

And guess what, you don’t have to go anywhere to have your perfect view of Mayon Volcano. In the pool side, you’ll see this!

You can check more of my hotel photos here.

After eating our lunch on the first day of our vacation, we went to Ligñon Hill. When we got there, we were offered this ATV Tour package. The lady there did her very convincing sales talk and so we ended up doing the ATV Tour first.

A very unique experience indeed as you get to be at least 5 km near Mayon. Picture perfect!

And knowing Zac Efron, Manny Pacquiao, Venus Raj etc. did this, it makes your experience a lot more exciting.

Afterwards, we were fetched by their free shuttle service back to Ligñon Hill. Luckily, the shuttle took us on top as it is quite far from the entrance. Maybe it will take you at least 30 minutes to reach the top by foot. But you’ll never regret it as you get to see this different view of Mayon Volcano.

You can check more photos and information for Ligñon Hill + ATV Tour to Mayon here.

It was 30 minutes before sunset when we decided to go visit Cagsawa Ruins. Unlike in Ligñon Hill, it was a bit crowded.

We find it hard to take our selfies without people in the background. But nevertheless, you still get to see the perfection of Mayon.

So much for chasing Mayon in our first day so we decided to just stay in the hotel for the next day and enjoyed this view.

Oops, that’s my favorite view. Tee-hee!

Thank you for reading and in as much as I would like to write an itinerary, I couldn’t since our trip was more like a staycation kind of weekend. Hope you go check out my other blog posts! See you around.😊

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  1. Happy anniversary to you two! 🙂 Nice photos together. I’ve been urging my boyfriend to go on a spontaneous trip, but he prefers them planned and accommodations reserved in advance. I hope someday we’ll get to do this too. :p

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