Ligñon Hill is known by the locals as a landmark where the third Mayon observatory was established. PHIVOCS monitor the volcanic activities of Mayon Volcano from the hill atop. Through the years, it has been a tourist destination as well. 

If you are looking for that perfect spot to appreciate the perfection of Mayon Volcano without too much crowd (unlike in Cagsawa Ruins), then visiting Ligñon Hill Nature Park should be in your Albay-must go list.

Aside from this perfect view  in Ligñon Hill, visitors can also try out their activities which includes zipline adventure, Japanese Tunnel visit, hanging bridge, and the famous ATV Tour to Mayon. 

Organized by Your Brother Travel and Tours, ATV Tour to Mayon has been popular with celebrities like Zac Efron. (Yup! You’ve read that right.)

The jump off point is a 10 minutes ride from Lignon Hill. You will be taken by their shuttle (or free tricycle ride with chaperone) to where the ATVs are parked.

And guess what, our 16th president is waiting for you! Tee-hee!

Before the tour, you will be given at least 5 minutes to  practice in the roundabout track.


Then you’re ready to go!

Remember to wear the face mask that will be provided as it might get too dusty. Wear the helmet provided as well for safety measures.

It might also be better if you’d wear slippers or sandals because there’s this part of the trail where you will cross a mini river.

And then finally, you’d see Mayon in perfect shape!


Mayon ATV Challenge

Single Seater (Medium) – Php 999

Double Seater (Large) – Php 1,499

Double Seater (Can-Am ATV) Php 2,500

Mayon to Lava Front

Single Seater (Medium) – Php 2,500

Double Seater (Large) – Php 3,500

Double Seater (Can-Am ATV) – Php 4,500

Mayon Advance Trail

Single Seater (Medium) – Php 3,000

Double Seater (Large) – Php 3,800

Double Seater (Can-Am ATV) – Php 5,000

Mayon ATV Summit

Single Seater (Medium) – Php 6,500

Double Seater (Large) – Php 7,500

Double Seater (Can-Am ATV) – Php 9,000


  • ATV Tour is a guided tour not a race.
  • All riders must take responsibility to become aware of the features of ATV prior to the ride.
  • All riders must wear protective gears.
  • All riders must follow the marshal in a single line only.
  • No tailgating. All riders must maintain a safe distance of 3 meters apart.
  • Follow marshal’s speed. No overtaking.
  • In sharp curves, reduce speed and apply brakes gradually.
  • In case of any problem, never try to resolve it on your own. Stop and call the attention of the marshal.
  • Rough riding will not be tolerated.
  • Never ride the terrain beyond your ability.
  • All riders must be at least 12 years old and above with a minimum height requirement of 5′ feet and 5″ inches.

Thank you for reading.

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