Have you ever been so tired with everything that you just want to be away from it all?  Have you ever wished you were someone else that living your life seems a bit too much for you?  I’ve got 6 words for you.

Walk away if you need to.

Life really gets at this point where those you expect to make life easier for you are the ones who make it more difficult. Those you thought would never hurt you are the ones who had invisibly stabbed you the most. Those who said will protect you are the ones who made you feel afraid.

You are allowed to give up at least once in your life. You are allowed to cut your ties with whoever or whichever it is that pulls you down. You are allowed to walk away from everything when you just can’t take it anymore. It’s okay to lose yourself. Because in losing yourself, you get to find YOU. Again.

Get lost.

Then find yourself.

Don’t be afraid to walk away. Because sometimes, it’s what you need to do to never be afraid again.



Spent one summer day in Malabrigo Beach, Lobo Batangas.

It took us about 4 hours drive from Manila. It was that kind of day where I just want to pause my life and walk away.

Together with someone who never made me feel alone, we spent our afternoon about 110km away from our everyday lives.

What to Expect in Malabrigo:

    • Camping and swimming is not allowed unless you get a permit from the Barangay or I guess if you checked-in at resorts along the beach. Not sure why though. Feel free to comment below!

    • There are resorts along Malabrigo Beach one of which is Punta Malabrigo. There are limited cottage rooms in the said resort so walk-in guests are not recommended. But day tours are allowed. I’ve heard there’s an entrance fee of Php 100 but when we got there, we paid nothing! Tee-hee!
    • You will literally feel you’re the only ones there. No crowd! Perfect for get-lost-then-find-yourself keme! Chos!

  • No restaurants nearby. Bring your own food but remember to leave no trace but memories, okay?
  • If you’re planning to go here, might as well bring a car. Commuting is an option but it’s quite far from the “bayan”. Just use GPS. Google is our best friend!

Thank you for reading. I hope when you lose yourself, you find it back.

4 thoughts on “Batangas, Philippines | One Summer Day in Malabrigo Beach”

  1. I agree. Walk away if you need to it. Literally and figuratively. Go to a quiet beach to unwind. Cut off relationships that no longer serve your self. Find that calm and be strong.

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