April came by so fast. It was like I slept last March reminiscing about our trip in South Korea then woke up realizing it’s already May. Good thing that we got the chance last week to spend our weekend in Subic. Only 3 hours away from Manila! Considering traffic in EDSA, it will take you about 4 hours. Anyway ~

We stayed in Vikings Resort , one of the several resorts you can book in Subic Bay.

In all fairness, the resort is clean.

There are picnic tables that can be used for free by the visitors.

There is also a restaurant in the entrance of the resort.

Price? Well, might as well just give you a hint: a coke float cost Php 65. You decide.

It may not be as elite as other resorts in Subic but it is definitely a recommended venue for families, barkada and couples who plan to spend a weekend (on a tight budget) near the shore. We booked our room for only Php 1,200/night. (Just pack your own food. Tee-hee!)

It is only a 5 mins walk from Baloy Long Beach.

If you’re after white sands, it may disappoint you. Zambales beaches are not known for white fine sands.

And since it’s summer, expect a crowd when you stride by the shoreline of Baloy Beach ~

~ But nevertheless, if you’re just after chasing sunsets, there’s no doubt you will love how the sun sets here. What a picturesque view!

There are two kinds of people who love sunsets. The satisfied.  And the Lonely.

It was merely a staycation kind of weekend. No activities, just plain beach bumming but there are resorts which offer activity packages like jet-skiing, kayaking etc. And oh, I guess you can also go on an island tour to this White Castle in the middle of the sea.

I wonder who built this but I’ve read in some blogs that it was once a private island of an elite person. Do you know if it’s true? Feel free to comment below.

That’s about it my dear gypsy souls. ‘Til our next adventure.



2 thoughts on “Zambales, Philippines | Short Drive to Subic and Overnight Stay in Vikings Resort near Baloy Long Beach”

  1. There are two kinds of people who love sunsets. The satisfied. And the lonely. –I love this quote. Who quoted this one?:-)

    Love the pics as well. Would you mind if I ask what camera are you using?

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