South Korea | A Cheap Travel Guide to Seoul, Nami Island and Gapyeong

Annyeonghasseyo! I’m guessing you can’t wait to know more about the places to see, food to eat and how much it will cost you to explore South Korea. That’s  why you clicked on that link and poof! Now you’re reading this. I bet you’ve read too many blogs already or if not yet, you’re on the right page. Keep reading if you want to experience South Korea without spending too much. Here’s my cheap travel guide based from our recent trip to the country  I fell in love with.


Gyeongbokgung Palace


Gyeongbokgung Palace was the first and largest palace built in the Joseon Dynasty. Its name means “The Palace Greatly Blessed by Heaven”. Strategically located in the heart of Seoul, it once served as the main government ministry district back then.


During the Japanese occupation, the palace was largely torn down and since 1990 up to the present, restoration of the palace to its original state is still on going.


The ceremony of the changing of the royal guards takes place 6 times a day starting from 10 o’clock in the morning up to 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

Tip: Free guided tours are available in English, Chinese and Japanese. Please check their website for details.

Also, tourists can purchase a combination ticket for all the royal palaces. The price is KRW 10,000 (making it cheaper than buying 5 tickets for KRW 3,000). It may be used for up to one month entry to Gyeongbokgung, Gyeonghuigung, Changdeokgung, Changgyeonggung and Deoksugung royal palaces.

The palace vicinity is large enough that we find it time-consuming to visit all the royal palaces. So we just visited 2 out of 5 but it’s up to you if you want to visit all of them.

Entrance Fee: KRW 3,000 ~ Php 135

Operating Hours: 9AM-6PM (Closing hours vary by month. Closed on Tuesdays.)

How to get there: Subway Line 3 to Gyeongbokgung, Exit 5

Changgyeonggung Palace


Located in the east of Gyeongbokgung Palace, Changgyeonggung is also being referred to as “Donggwol” which means “The East Palace”.


Just like in Gyeongbokgung, most of its halls were destroyed during the Japanese occupation. Due to restoration efforts of the government after the invasion, the Palace was rebuilt according to its original structure, retaining the remains of the zoo developed within the palace vicinity by the Japanese which later on became one of the spots in Seoul ~ Changgyeongwon Garden or the Secret Garden.

Tip: They won’t allow tourists in the Secret Garden without a tour guide. The last english tour is at 3:30 PM so make sure you meet that if you plan to explore Changgyeongwon as well.

We went there at 4PM so we missed the english tour to the Secret Garden. So we just spent our time for photo ops! Tee-hee!


Entrance Fee:

KRW 5,000 ~ Php 225 – Palace + Secret Garden English Tour

KRW 3,000 ~ Php 135 – Palace Only

Operating hours:

9:00 AM – 5:00 PM – February, November-December

9:00 AM – 6:00 PM – March-May, September-October

9:00 AM -6:30 PM  – June-August

Closed on Tuesdays

How to get there: 20-30 mins walk from Gyeongbokgung Palace. So later in the itinerary, I suggest for you to make it your fourth destination from Gyeongbokgung, after Bukchon Village (10-15 mins walk from Bukchon Village)

National Folk Museum of Korea


Museums around Seoul are too many to mention. One of them is just within the vicinity of Gyeongbokgung Palace.


It has a separate gate from the outside but since it’s just nearby, we decided to take a look.


National Folk Museum of Korea caters the culture of the Korean people from the historical times until the end of Joseon Dynasty.


And guess what, there’s no entrance fee! Hurray!


Operating Hours: 9AM – 7PM

How to get there: 5 mins walk from Gyeongbokgung Palace

Bukchon Hanok Village


With over 900 Hanoks, traditional Korean houses, this village was once home to members of royal families and aristocrats  during the Joseon Period. It still retains its old city appearance making it a popular filming location for movies and TV dramas.


As it is still a residential area at present, visitors are requested to be respectful and observe silence.

Tip: There are a lot of restaurants as you make your way to Bukchon. From traditional Korean food to Italian cuisine, tourists can savor the moment to eat a delish lunch.

No Entrance Fee

How to get there: 10-15 mins walk from Gyeongbokgung Palace

Namiseom Island


Popularly known as Nami Island, one can fall in love in this micronation where the famous Winter Sonata was filmed.


Yes, you’ve read that right! It declared itself as a micronation and was named as Naminara Republic.


It is a man-made island which was formed to help cease the overflow of the Cheongpyong Dam.


Visitors may need to pay for a tourist visa which will cost you KRW 8,000.


Don’t worry, it’s just like any other tourist spots that you have to fall in line and buy tickets. No interviews!


Upon entering the wharf, you get to line up with many foreigners.


And of course, you’re one of them! (That is if you’re not a local of Korea)


But in Nami Island, we were all Naminarians. This is a world where there are no strangers.


It was also named after General Nami for it was believed to be his burial site. G. Nami was executed due to false accusations of treason which was later on lifted as people started to know the truth of his greatness.


I love Nami! Just like how I love this frozen lake and everything in Nami Island. By the way, you can also try out their island train to tour you around Nami Island.


Entrance Fee: KRW 8,000 ~ Php 360

Operating Hours: 7:30 AM – 9:45 PM

Ferry Schedule

07:30 AM – 09:00 AM (30 min intervals)

09:00 AM – 6:00 PM (10-20 min intervals)

6:00 PM – 9:40 PM (30 min intervals)

How to get there: From Subway Line 1 Cheongnyangni Station, transfer to ITX rail and alight train going to Gapyeong Station (which will cost you KRW 6,000). From Gapyeong Terminal, ride the Gapyeong tourist shuttle bus (purchase ticket for KRW 6,000 which you can use around the tourist destinations in Gapyeong for the whole day) and in Nami Island Wharf, a ferry will take you to the island (5 mins ferry ride). Or if you choose to be adventurous, you can get to Nami Island by zipline from the wharf!

Petite France


Petite France is a french-themed village popular for visitors and fans of the koreanovela, “My Love from the Star”. The said tv show filmed their scenes here.


The french-style buildings are the main attraction of the place as visitors can feel the Parisian ambiance even in S.Korea.


Developed after Saint-Exupery, the author of Little Prince (hence named as Petite France), it should be one of the places you’ll include in your itinerary as you get to experience France while you’re in Korea! 


Bon voyage!


Entrance Fee: KRW 8,000 ~ Php 360

Operating Hours: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM

How to get there: Via Gapyeong Tourist Shuttle Bus

The Garden of Morning Calm


This 330,000 sqm arboretum consists of about 20 gardens. From December to March, when the flowers are not in bloom, the garden holds a Lighting Festival that decorates the entire site with bright and colorful lights.


But take note that they start to lit the area up by 6PM. If you plan to go in the morning or midway afternoon, you’ll probably see a faded garden, but still awesome!


Perfect for examining how you’ve been in your life.


Entrance Fee: KRW 9,000 ~ Php 405

Operating Hours:

9AM – Sunset – Summer

11AM – 9PM – Winter

How to get there: Via Gapyeong Tourist Shuttle Bus

Namsan Park


Located in the middle of the city, Namsan Park provides visitors with a vast space perfect for morning stroll.


It can be reached by either a cable car (KRW 6,000 – round trip) or by foot.


Atop, visitors have the option to purchase an entrance ticket to N Seoul Tower (about KRW 16,000 min.), an observatory from which one can see a 360-degree panorama of Seoul.

N Seoul Tower


But since it’s a bit pricey, we opt to just have our third day in S.Korea enjoying ourselves, embracing the vibes around this peaceful park and locked our love in Seoul.


No Entrance Fee

How to get there: From Myeongdong Subway Station Line 4 Exit 3, walk your way to Namsan Cable Car and purchase ticket to bring you to the top of Namsan Park. If you decided to go by foot, just walk a little more from the Cable Car station and you can see the jump off point.



Myeongdong is one of Seoul’s shopping district. There are a lot of clothing lines, make-up brands, restaurants and as well as streetfoods that line up in the alley as you walk up from Myeongdong subway station.

How to get there: Myeongdong Subway Station

Tip: You can choose from the different cosmetics, clothes, cute socks, chopsticks and keychains for souvenirs.

Street foods in Myeongdong alley costs roughly around KRW 2,000-5,000. But there’s this one stall just in front of Myeongdong station Exit that sells egg buns for only KRW 1,000.

So that’s it for the places to see. Since I’ve started talking about foods, I can’t wait to share with you what we ate.



There are a lot of food choices in Korea. From kimchi to bulgogi, a wide range of dishes can be tried out to complete your Korean experience. But as for my boyfriend and I, we went for the usual food we eat ~ chicken, and steak. I love Korea but I don’t know why my taste buds just don’t get to explore their food. So to say and fulfill our Korean experience, we just tried out a few of their unique streetfoods which made me miss it now as of writing this sentence! *cries*


Egg bun


This is what I miss the most when talking about Korean food experience. It only costs KRW 1,000 (~Php 45) if you buy it in front of Myeongdong station.

Steamed Red Bean Bun

In Nami Island, we tried this siopao-like bun for only KRW 1,000 (~Php 45).



Korea’s version of corn dog covered with french fries, sugar, ketchup and mustard is also a must try! Cost: KRW 1,000 (~Php 45)


Honey Pretzels

Honey pretzel tastes good but it’s a bit pricey for a bread ~ KRW 2,000 (Php 90). Good thing you get to have a free freshly brewed coffee when you buy it in an alley in Bukchon.


Coffee & Hotteok

Hotteok should also be in your street food bucket list. It’s a waffle and pancake combined and filled with caramel. In some stalls, it’s filled with red bean or chocolate but in one store we passed by, “Coffee & Hotteok”,  it’s filled with caramel and I can assure you, it’s worth the price ~ KRW 1,000 (~Php 45)!



Home Made Hamburg Steak and Pasta

In Bukchon, we found this hidden alley restaurant that serves hamburg steak and rice.

For only KRW 8,000, it’s already served with egg, rice and veggies.


Add a thousand won and it’s served with melted cheese. Yum!


Asian Family Restaurant

In Nami Island, we ate our lunch here in Asian Family Restaurant.


I ordered this chicken dish (I forgot how it’s called) for KRW 10,000 (Php 450). Mas-issneun!


Two Two Chicken

Near Myeongdong station, you can find Two Two Chicken.


Their 16 pieces chicken (no rice) only costs KRW 16,000 (Php 720) which is already good for 2-3 people. In all fairness, it tastes good! Try it!


This travel guide is perfect for first timers in South Korea as you get to explore the cultural sites, experience city life in Seoul, eat your heart out and appreciate the beauty of S.Korea’s finest spots outside the city without spending too much. There are a lot of sites not mentioned here yet which gives me the reason to come back! So don’t limit yourself to the ones on this list. Meanwhile, here is my suggested itinerary and budget breakdown.


1500  ETD from Manila, Philippines

1900  ETA in Incheon International Airport, South Korea

2100  Late check-in + Dinner

0800  Breakfast

0900 Explore Gyeongbokgung Palace

1000 Watch The Changing of the Royal Guard Ritual in Gyeongbokgung Palace

1030 Explore National Folk Museum of Korea

1200 Lunch

1300 Explore Bukchon Hanok Village

1500 Explore Changgyeonggung Palace + Secret Garden

1700 Early Dinner + Rest

1830 Stride by Cheonggyecheon Stream

0700 Breakfast

0800 Travel from Seoul to Gapyeong Terminal

0900 Travel from Gapyeong Terminal to Nami Island

0915 Explore Nami Island 

1200 Lunch

1300 Travel from Nami Island to Petite France

1330 Explore Petite France

1500 Travel from Petite France to The Garden of Morning Calm

1600 Explore The Garden of Morning Calm

1800 Travel back to Seoul

1930 Dinner

0900 Breakfast

1000 Explore Namsan Park and N Seoul Tower

1200 Lunch

1300 Shopping in Myeongdong

1600 Shopping in Insadong

1800 Early Dinner + Rest

0700 Breakfast + Pack-up

1000 Travel from Seoul to Incheon International Airport

1100 Lunch

1200 ETD from Incheon, South Korea

1600 ETA in Manila, Philippines


KRW 36,000 ~ Php 1,620 – Entrance Fees

KRW 25,000 ~ Php 1,125 – Transportation

KRW 50,000 ~ Php 2,250 – Food

KRW 50,000 ~ Php 2,250 – Souvenirs

KRW 110,000 ~ Php 4,950 – Accomodation/Room

*KRW 55,000 ~ Php 2,475 – Individual/Room

KRW 145,000 ~ Php 6,525 – Airfare (Promo)

KRW 36,000 ~ Php 1,620 – Travel Tax (Philippines)

Estimated Budget per Individual: KRW 397,000 ~ Php 17, 865

Note: I’ve excluded the taxi cost we’ve spent from Incheon to Seoul. That’s roughly KRW 70,000 which is approximately Php 3,000. Expensive! So better time your arrival in Incheon and research for the last trip of the bus you’ll ride to bring you to your hostel.


  • Entering South Korea as a foreigner requires you to have a visa. For travel purposes, one needs to have a tourist visa. In the Philippines, we have a Korean Embassy in Taguig. For more information about visa application, visit their site here.
  • Research about the weather on the month you wish to visit South Korea and plan your outfits. If you’re planning to visit from December to the end of March, make sure you bring layers of clothes, thermal wear/jackets, socks, gloves and bonnets. Believe me when I say, it’s freezing cold!
  • I would suggest that you book an accomodation in Myeongdong or Insadong so you can save subway costs for you can reach most destinations in Seoul by foot (your call tee-hee!).
  • South Korea’s subway system uses T-money card. You can purchase the card in convenience stores for KRW 2,500 and load it up to KRW 15,000 at most. Subway’s minimum cost is around KRW 1,250. So most probably, you  won’t be able to use it all up as most of the tourist spots in Seoul can be reached by foot. If you happen to have a balance below KRW 10,000, you can have it refunded in convenience stores. Or you can use it to buy coffee, noodles etc in convenience stores as well. Though, you can no longer return the card but it will be a good souvenir. πŸ™‚
  • Exchange your philippine peso to KRW here in Manila (Czarina Foreign Exchange in Ayala Head Office – call 09178318636/09088920119 for inquiries) to avoid delays. But you can also exchange PHP to KRW in NAIA and in Incheon Int’l Airport but as you all know, airports have a lower rate so just exchange enough amount you can use for your arrival and first day expenses. Then you can exchange the balance in the city proper. We exchanged our money in KEB and the rate is good.
  • You can get free tourist travel guides in Korea Tourism Organization to further help you with your planning. Address: 26th Floor, Tower 2, The Enterprise Center, 6766 Ayala Ave., corner Paseo De Roxas, Makati City, 1200 Philippines
  • Research about the bus or subway path you plan to ride on your way to your destination especially upon arriving in Incheon Int’l Airport. You might not want to experience paying KRW 70,000 for a taxi ride.
  • Download an offline map and subway app from App Store and Google Play. I’ve used “Korea Tour” app from App Store.
  • Wait for a promotional airfare. It is always wise to purchase ticket at a lower cost.
  • Book an accomodation with hostels or guesthouses if you’re really on a budget.

There is always a cheaper way to travel without compromising the quality of your experience. I hope this has been informative and helpful for your journey to South Korea.

Thank you for reading and enjoy your adventure!


Danica (λ‹€λ‹ˆμΉ΄) β˜…

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    • danicagilbuena

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      Hi Cy, sa Myeongdong Town Guesthouse kami nag-stay. Di ko sya marecommend kasi mejo madumi ung guesthouse. Though okay naman yung room tska malapit lang sa subway station. And cheap pa, mga Php 1k+ lng /night. πŸ™‚

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      Thank you Nena ❀️ Hm we stayed at Myeongdong Town Guest House but I can’t recommend it coz it’s somehow not well maintained and we actually didn’t saw anyone in the reception during our whole stay! We just got the key with our name in the reception area. Haha! Though it’s still secure coz the password for the room is written in the receipt of your confirmed booking. If you’re on a budget, it’s not a bad choice since it’s only about Php 1.2k a night and it’s near subway station as well. But if u can search for other cheap hostels with good reviews, I recommend that u book within Myeongdong or Insadong so you’ll be in the center of Seoul and it would be easier to navigate around the area. Enjoy!😊

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      Hi. We went last March. Airfare was around Php 6k roundtrip, AirAsia.

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    What an amazing place full of not to miss sights and the article very well covers the required details

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    • danicagilbuena

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      Hi, Marge! Thanks for dropping by. Go for it! We booked again March of next year. Cebu Pac I think has a seat sale currently. Looking forward to your SK blog post! Followed you on wp 😘

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    I am wonderstruck by the sheer beauty, vibrancy and colour of the places. The Garden of Morning calm literally bowled me over with its stupendous colours. Also I am intrigued by the “Paris” in Korea.

    • danicagilbuena

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      Go visit! I’m sure you’ll like it as much as I did. πŸ™‚ Thanks for dropping by, Vyjay!

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    Great job on the guide! South Korea is not high on my list but I’m rethinking it now. I used to watch a lot of KDrama before so I also want to explore the places where they shoot the scenes. Too bad i’m not so much of a fan of Korean food but I think i’ll still enjoy the sceneries!

    • danicagilbuena

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      Same here! Not really a fan of Korean food either so when we went there, we only tried streetfoods and ate chicken, chicken and chicken. Haha! But I agree, yes you’ll enjoy it definitely. Thanks for dropping by, Darlene! πŸ™‚

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      Yup, so much respect for South Korea. How they kept the tradition and everything historic alive. Thanks for dropping by! Let me know once you get there I’ll love to read your story. πŸ™‚

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    This is a handy guide to South Korea. It is good that you shared your itinerary too as it helps in planning how many sites can be visited in one day. I especially like how you included notes on free tours and when places are closed. Korea is so beautiful I definitely hope to visit soon.

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      Thanks for dropping bh, Christina! Go visit sooner! I’m sure you’ll love it. If you need something more to convince you, I suggest you watch Kdramas. Haha! Let me know when u finally get there, I’d love to read your story. πŸ™‚

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