Happy New Year! How is 2016 going for you so far? Yes! That’s right. Claim it! Claim that you’ve had a good start. I’m sure we will all make wonderful memories as we go along. Chase more adventures. I guess that is at least most of the #goal of people when they wrote down their list, yes?

Anyway, as for me ~ aside from taking more travel trips~ I’ve included blogging on my #goals list for this year. I actually started this blog a year ago but haven’t really put much effort on it. This year, I will try my best to really make time for it as I share my memories to the world and to the generations to come. It may look weird but I really feel the need to document life as I see it because I know one day, someone from the future will read it. Someone who needs an inspiration to see that life is beautiful.

A beautiful life begins with a beautiful mind.

By the way, I’m not a full time blogger. I have an 8-hours, 5 days work a week and most of my travels will be on weekends (But sometimes, I wish I could make a living out of traveling). But I will try to squeeze my free time just to write. I’ll also try to share what I’ve been up to on the ordinary days of my life, as well. And to start My Life Lately series ~

  • #ReadingSee Me by Nicholas Sparks and The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell
  • #WatchingJust finished Supernatural Season 2, I’m on the 3rd episode of Season 3 as of drafting this post. Okay, I’m into this 10+ years series atm. I’ve been watching it straight for days now. Tee-hee!
  • #Listening – To Jason Derulo’s Future History Album. IKR. Old album but I need it for my 5-mins excercise #goal everyday.
  • #WritingDrafting on Hulugan + Talay Falls experience
  • #Eats – Spent our first lunch out of the year in Bag of Beans, Twin Lakes Tagaytay. And spent our monthsary in our favorite restaurant, Rub Ribs BBQ ❤️
  • #WorkSpending my last month in Fujitsu!
  • #GoalsTake a career related exam by the end of the month. Wish me luck!

Until the next volume…



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