Too much stress lately? Give yourself a break! File your vacation leave or why not send your boss a text message that you have an emergency to attend to. This is an emergency guys! Don’t let yourself be drowned with too much stress or you’ll end up using all your sick leaves in the hospital. OOPS! *I hope my boss won’t read this. Tee-hee!*

Located in the province of Rizal, Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens and Spa will be your perfect emergency escape to your physical and emotional tension. Luljetta’s can be found within the premises of Loreland  Farm Resort. As you enter Luljetta’s you’ll be welcomed by this spectacular view.


We availed their Hanging Gardens Retreat for Php 1,100 per head (for adults) which is good for 5 hours. Included are access to Hanging Gardens Facilities (Locker, Sauna, Dr. Fish Spa, Heated Jacuzzi, Hydro-massage Pool, Infinity Pools, Meditation Lounges), Traditional bathrobe (batik) and towel, Snacks of Lemongrass Tea and Antipolo’s Best Suman. For complete list of packages, rates, bookings and reservations, you may refer to Bienvenido Tours Website.


Our favorite spot is the infinity pool.



It’s the perfect spot to reflect and de-stress your mind and body.


After indulging in the different facilities, feed yourself with Antipolo’s famous Suman. Served with lemongrass tea, your retreat would definitely be something to remember.


I hope this has inspired you to make use of your work leaves. Perfect attendance may give you monetary rewards but would you exchange it for memories you can gain outside work? I hope not. So go and get going!

Thank you for reading!

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