Enchanted Kingdom is always a good idea, besides Paris. You could check their operating hours for 2015 and their rates here. We went there to celebrate my birthday. I was granted a regular day pass free of charge, thanks to their birthday promo. I just presented a government ID even though their official site requires a celebrant to bring an original copy of birth certificate.

It was my second time there but it seems as if it was my first time. Space Shuttle never fails to make my heart skip a beat!


The second ride we had was new to me, the Air Race. It was nerve-racking! It may look like a kiddie ride but don’t be fooled! The planes get to turn 360 degrees for I think about 8 times. Once is enough or else you’ll end up going home, throwing up. Though, it’s fun!

After that, we then decided to line up for the bumper cars to let down our extreme craves. Dodgem ~

After one round bumping (what’s that word eww) cars, we still haven’t decided which ride to take next. So while walking around, we saw one interesting booth where I happen to see a unicorn doll.

The game may look like it’s just easy to play but sadly it’s not. So, ’til next time my dear unicorns. πŸ™

Still deciding on the next ride, I just took advantage of the photo ops around.


The last one above is also new to me. It’s called the Disco Magic. We haven’t recovered yet from the Air Race so we chose not to ride it. We lined up for the water rides Jungle Log Jam and Rio Grande instead. Unfortunately, I didn’t take the risk to use my camera. Guess, I made the right decision because those two made us all wet. So don’t forget to bring an extra shirt.

The last ride we had was the EKstreme. Let me correct my sentence, the last ride they had. I didn’t join my friends because because… Maybe next time. Tee-hee!


Celebrating my birthday in EK brings me back to my childhood days where the only problem I have is what and where to play. And it feels good to be young again, after all.

Thank you for reading!


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