It was a day after Valentine’s this year when I finally got to attend one of the most awaited festivals here in the Philippines. The 19th Hot Air Balloon Festival started February 12 and ended on the 15th of the same month, making it a 4 days event. It’s annually held to boost the local economy of Central Luzon. You can read more of its history here.

I’ve planned to experience this event since last year. Well, not literally “planned” with itinerary and all, just added it on my bucket list for 2015. We went to Clark, Pampanga, where it was held, on the last day and got there at about 4:30 AM. It was an hour earlier than the event proper yet the parking lanes were already long. So for those who plan to attend on the coming years, better be early.

The official program can be seen in the official site of the event. Their main attraction, of course, is the Hot Air Balloon flights. So my shots were mostly those hot air balloons I’ve waited to watch fly. We were in front so I happen to take a glimpse of their preparations prior to the flights.

The ceremony started with a prayer. We were given a small card with a prayer for the safety of the pilots.


There were a total of 34 hot air balloons this year.


And I guess my favorite of them all is the flower balloon (not sure if it’s called that way though).

From all the selfies I took, here’s my favorite, with the big red demon balloon.

And my favorite couple-fie!

Here’s another shot with some friends.

We left earlier than expected because it rained and so we drove our way back to Manila. The next time I go there, I’d like to stay longer and watch (and experience hopefully) the other exhibitions in the program.

It’s an experience you wouldn’t want to forget your cameras.

Thank you for reading and hope to inspire you to travel more!


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