All beach babies have been to Puerto Galera, I suppose. It’s one of the destinations in the Philippines that are being flocked every summer and last summer was my first time. I was with my baby and his friends. We stayed at Tribal Hills Resort. It’s a trike away from the beach which costs us Php 80/head (back and forth). It’s an extra cost compared to resorts near the beach but no regrets because the place has a pool, a mini bar, rooms have decks with the view of the mountain tops and it’s near the start of trail to Aninuan Falls, which we visited on the latter part of this trip.

Tribal Hills Resort


Puerto Galera is known for its beaches. To save money, we went to a public one, the White Beach. Well, even though it’s public, it was well maintained. Look at the colors, definitely stunning! Perfect backdrop for a barkada!

White Beach

When the sun’s down, the fire is up. Fire dancers stole the stage from the beach.

Also during the night, you can watch the stars. This is so romantic, I tell you tee-hee!


2015-03-31 09.39.22 1

We actually spent most of our time just swimming, eating and people watching (the boys!) so when we got bored, we decided to try island hopping where you can enjoy the islands from a boat ride.

Island Hopping

2015-03-20 11.32.55 1


Of course, an addition to my selfie collection, tee-hee!

On the last day of our trip, we did a 1-hour trek to this hidden falls, swam for another hour and finally went back to the resort. I’m not sure why everytime I trek, it seems that the way back takes shorter amount of time.

Aninuan Falls

It’s been a fun weekend. Hope to inspire barkadas who want a short trip away from Manila.

Thank you for reading and hope to inspire you to travel more!


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