Last May 2014, I joined my company’s summer outing. A bus took us to the place that I could say blog-worthyCamayan Beach Resort. Located in Subic Bay, it’s about 3-4 hours away from Manila.

It’s a 2 days and 1 night away time from all the stresses we had at work. All expense paid, yipee! The rooms we stayed in were just a stride from the beach.


During the day, we just enjoyed the place. Eat lunch, took pictures and bond by the beach. The beach is astounding!



The view is like a painting. So don’t blame me if I took a selfie, tee-hee!


When the night came, we had our team building proper. We played 3 games of which I can only remember the tug-of-war.


The next day we went to Ocean Adventure which was just a 5-minutes walk from the resort. And, as expected from me, another selfie!

Ocean Adventure


We happened to watch only 2 shows because our check out time is at 12 noon. The first one showcased several animals and so I took a lot of pictures (but posted only one tee-hee!). Though in the second one, I haven’t had the chance to take pictures of the acrobats because I was amazed by their performance and forgot to take a snap.So I just posted a picture of the mascot and the host.

Walk on the Wild Side


African Acrobats


There were some more shows but we have limited time so we haven’t watched them. We didn’t catch the dolphin show either, which was very unfortunate, so I just took a picture of a kid, enjoying her dolphin encounter, from afar.


When I return here, I want to experience that (above) too. For now, a jumpshot would do, tee-hee!


Though I don’t have the authority to rate resorts, for the sake of giving you an idea, I could say the place is 4/5 stars. Coming here is definitely worthwhile. The 1 point less is just giving it a room for improvements like placing some more stores where tourists can buy food and souvenirs.

Thank you for reading and hope to inspire you to travel more!


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