Last October 2014, I’ve had my first hike ever and I think it will be my last. LOL. Seriously, I was so exhausted afterwards. I even haven’t reach the summit of Mt. Batulao. Boo, yeah I know. :'(

I’ve never imagined it would be that hard. Well, I haven’t had any training. With my graveyard shift, I can’t allot time to workout. I know it shouldn’t be an excuse but I guess, my body is just always tired to have a strenuous activity. With this experience, I come to the realization that, yes indeed, I need to workout!

Anyway, here are some pictures I took.

Start of the trail


Getting there




Still far but we’re getting there!




And because I don’t have the strength to climb the summit, I just took a selfie! Say B-A-T-U-L-A-W tee-hee!



Though it was a tiring experience, I have no regrets. It was actually nice to have met some mountaineers who would greet you along the way. For single readers out there, maybe your soul mate is just waiting for you in the summit. Yihee!

Thank you for reading and hope to inspire you to travel more!


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