Tagaytay has always been popular to people in Manila who just want to have a getaway for a day. It’s also my favorite place when I just want to chill and eat. I usually crave for Bulalo and when time allows it, my baby drives me to Tagaytay. For more than a year now, it has been our favorite getaway.

What to See

Picnic Grove

Picnic Grove, as it’s name implies, is perfect for a family picnic. There are many activities to do here which includes horseback riding, cable car ride and ziplining.

Sky Ranch

Sky Ranch is a newly developed amusement park in Tagaytay. The rides range from kiddie rides to the most extreme like the Super Viking which can almost reach 90 degrees, upon observations only! And of course, the tallest known ferris wheel in the Philippines, Sky Eye, can be found here.

People’s Park in the Sky

People’s Park is not well maintained. Yes, you read that right. Sorry but I just wanna be honest here. I cannot comprehend the reason as to why they collect Php 30/head upon entering but the place is well, couldn’t describe it in words.

Pink Sisters

Who had been to Tagaytay without dropping by Pink Sisters? Well, I guess none. It’s one of Tagaytay’s tourist spots because of its miraculous deeds when people write their wishes on a piece of paper, which are being prayed upon by the pink sisters.

Overlooking Taal Lake

There are many restaurants that has a view over taal lake. Get your cameras ready for a shot!

Where to Eat

Loumar’s Cafe

Loumar’s Cafe is a perfect place for a romantic date. The restaurant has bahay kubos where customers can dine. At night, there’s a band serenading the customers. And guess what, in Loumars, I ate the best crispy pata I’ve ever tasted! Try it too!

Mahogany Market

The carinderias in Mahogany Market is no ordinary. The place might be crowded but it’s known for savory Bulalo, Crispy Tawilis etc.


So far, my personal favorite restaurant to eat Bulalo is in Josephine’s.


Superb ambiance!

Apologies for too much couple-fies on this post, tee-hee! Hope to inspire couples and families to visit Tagaytay often like we do!

Thank you for reading and hope to inspire you to travel more!


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